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Business Consulting

We know what it takes to get your business to success. Our team of professionals is here to help you by providing the precise and honest advice you need. We take our business planning seriously because your satisfaction is our top priority. With strategic planning and brainstorming, we’ll help you boost your business right away. Need our help? Call us now.

Project Management

Make us your go-to partner when it comes to managing your projects. From initiation to planning to execution and up to monitoring, we got you covered as we know exactly what to do to make a specific project a success! We will work with you closely to achieve formulated and accomplished goals for your enterprise. Contact us today and set an appointment.


Menefee Enterprise offers IT assistance and services for a wide variety of  businesses. We have talented and experienced IT professionals who can get the job done. Equipped with expertise and innovative technological knowledge, they will help you establish an organized IT system for your business. Call us at (404) 313-8656 now.

Website Creation

Our talented and creative web designers are the ones to call. Here at Menefee Enterprise, we know how to create and publish websites based on your liking and requirements. Not only can we build your website but we can also make it appealing and attractive to your targeted customers. Reach us now and let us know about your website ideals.

PNP Certifications

Need help getting certifications for your business? Worry no more because we offer PNP certifications and processing. Our team of experts is providing extensive training, presentation, and introduction to qualify for the certification. Dial us today to get your PNP certification.